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PCM-1000 Series

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Before ordering a bracket and brace system, please review pages 2 and 3 of the Product Details document on the Products Page for product selection guidance. Vehicle model year is not sufficient to ensure that you have selected the correct product for your car.


Product Description

Fits Classic Porsche® 911s from 1970 to 1998

  • 1970 is when Porsche began using a ribbed rubber boot collar to hold instruments in the instrument housing panel
  • In 1989, 911s in the US began to be equipped with a passenger side airbag.
    •   For these classics, one of the upper lid cover attachment bolts is an anchoring point for the support arm brace.
  • From 1970-1988, 911s had no passenger-side airbag
    •  The support arm brace fastens with 3M® Dual Lock™ tape
  • There’s some uncertainty as to the specific demarcation date when all vehicles were equipped with a passenger-side airbag and associated lid cover.
    • For US cars, it was 1989
    • For German cars, it was 1991
    • For ROW cars, 1991 may also be the date
  • There may have been some phasing-in of passenger side airbags --- so it’s important to check your car as to whether it has a passenger-side airbag and lid cover bolt --- BEFORE ordering your PCAR MOUNTS Bracket System ---- don’t just rely on the 1989 model year demarcation date.